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Statement On Senate Republicans' $1.6 Billion Proposal for More Walls, Agents, and Less Accountability

SOUTHERN BORDER REGION -- Today, Senate Republicans released a  spending bill for fiscal year 2018 to fund Trump's misguided and harmful border militarization and deportation agenda, adding 500 new Border Patrol agents -- considered a deportation force in border communities -- and wasting $1.6 billion taxpayer dollars on additional senseless walls across the southern border. According to an analysis by Politico, the Senate Committee on Appropriations proposal would also gut the budget of the Department of Homeland Security's watchdog, the Office of Inspector General, exacerbating the problems of impunity at Customs and Border Protection.  Continue reading

Border Dreamers React to News of DACA Delay

SOUTHERN BORDER --  Border Dreamers reacted with shock and dismay at today’s news that President Trump and Senate Republicans plan to exclude legislation that protects young immigrants with DACA during a critical end-of-year spending bill. This is a cruel delay tactic that further puts Dreamers across the nation at risk of deportation, as many of them are falling out of status now. Continue reading

SBCC Statement on Border Patrol’s Pattern of Targeting Children and Other Vulnerable People

  SOUTHERN BORDER REGION -- Last week, border agents in Corpus Christi, Texas shocked the nation when they stopped an ambulance transporting Rosa Maria Hernandez, a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy at a Border Patrol checkpoint. The agents then followed the child and her medical service providers to a hospital where she was to undergo emergency bladder surgery. After the procedure, the agents placed her in deportation proceedings. Continue reading

Border Dreamer Delegation Heads to Washington DC To Ask for Clean, Bipartisan Dream Act

Southern Border Region/ Washington D.C. - Border Dreamers and advocates are organizing against Congress' attempts to use them as bargaining chips. Today, Border Dreamers will hold a telephonic news conference to announce The Real Dream campaign, which includes a delegation of Border Dreamers traveling to Washington D.C. to urge members of Congress to pass a clean and bipartisan Dream Act without further militarizing border communities by the end of the year. Continue reading

Trump's 'Immigration Principles' Threatens Dreamers, Further Militarizes Border

Southern Border Region -- The Trump administration's Immigration Principles and Policies are not only immoral and outrageous, they are an affront to the nation's most basic values of equality and justice. The extreme measures proposed by the White House threaten the future of Dreamers  -- 1 out 5 of which live in border communities -- and further militarizes the border region, threatening the safety of millions of people who call the borderlands home.  Continue reading

New Poll Shows Strong Support for a Dream Act Without More Border Militarization

Poll results unveiled as deadline to renew DACA expires on Oct. 5 San Diego, CA - A new poll shows 82% of voters favor allowing young undocumented immigrants, often referred to as Dreamers, to earn permanent legal status in the United States, and a full two-thirds agree that Congress should protect Dreamers first before considering more border enforcement. Continue reading

DACA Deal Especially Bad for Dreamers in Border Region

Southern Border Region -- President Trump and Democratic leaders in Congress reached a tentative agreement to protect Dreamers by further militarizing the border region and potentially undermining the safety of the very Dreamers they are trying to protect. Continue reading

CBP Polygraph Waiver in Senate Would Undermine Public Trust in Law Enforcement

  Southern Border Region -- The U.S. Senate introduced a polygraph waiver measure that would water down hiring standards for border agents and undermine public trust in law enforcement, as well as put communities at risk. The move comes as the Trump administration looks for ways to cut corners to build a massive deportation force, and while border apprehensions remain at 17-year lows. Continue reading

SBCC Condemns Using of Dreamers as Bargaining Chips for Wall, More Agents

SOUTHERN BORDER -- The Trump administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program not only promises to uproot the lives of close to 800,000 contributing members of society, it also makes them vulnerable to be used as bargaining chips to build a wall and hire more border agents.  Continue reading

CBP Announces Border Wall Prototypes

Southern Border Region - Today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) delivered another blow to the already devastated border region. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)  Agency has scheduled a press conference to announce the companies that will build prototypes of the border wall. Continue reading

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