By Alexa Mencia Shena Gutierrez’s husband José almost died March 30, 2011. As the leader of a support network for those affected by the U.S. Border Patrol’s use of force, Gutierrez knows her husband was one of the lucky ones. But after José survived a coma and traumatic brain injuries attempting to cross back into Arizona after being deported, he hasn’t been the same. Continue reading

Mass action at U.S./Mexico border strengthens solidarity

By Liberation Staff From October 7 to 10, over a thousand people gathered in Tucson and Nogales, Ariz. for a U.S./Mexico Border Convergence against the militarization of the border, border patrol violence and murder, and the division and imprisonment of immigrant families. The weekend of action was sponsored by the School of America Watch and included representatives from nearly 400 organizations from across the country. Continue reading

Central American families cross U.S. border in record numbers

By Associated Press A record number of Central American families fleeing violence crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in the most recent fiscal year and total apprehensions were up, according to figures released by the U.S. government. Continue reading

An Agent Shot a Boy Across the U.S. Border. Can His Parents Sue?

By Adam Liptak In June of 2010, four boys were playing in the dry bed of the Rio Grande that separates El Paso from Juárez, Mexico. The international borderline, unmarked, runs through the middle of the culvert. Continue reading

Congresswoman Wilson (FL) Opposes DHS policy Shift Towards Haitian Earthquake Survivors

Congresswoman Wilson (FL) has taken the lead to circulate a dear colleague letter (below) to express strong opposition to the sudden policy shift from DHS towards Haitian earthquake survivors. Continue reading

Abandoned on U.S-Mexico border: Photos show life, belongings left behind by immigrants

By Madalyn Mendoza Handmade rosaries, letters to loved ones and jewelry attached to the skeletal remains of immigrants who attempted to cross into the U.S. on foot are sometimes the only clues forensic anthropologists in Tuscon have in identifying bodies found by border agents and ranchers to return them to families. Continue reading

Customs and Border Protection Inches Forward in Deployment of Body-Worn Cameras

By Joshua Breisblatt For over two years, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has examined body-worn cameras to see if this technology which is quickly becoming standard police practice, should be used by its agents and officers. In their most recent step forward in implementing body-worn cameras for its agents and officers, CBP announced last week they will be requesting quotes to purchase 108 body-worn cameras and 12 vehicle-mounted cameras by the end of September. Continue reading

Border Patrol Chief Must End Biased Policing to Restore Trust in Communities

By Jorge Rodríguez The House Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee will hold a hearing tomorrow, September 13, to discuss Border Patrol’s power grab in the government’s 100-mile border zone. For me, this hearing isn’t about efficiency. This is about my right — and the rights of roughly 200 million Americans — to travel freely and be respected in my community. Continue reading

67 Organizations Urge Justice Dept. to Improve Data Collection Mandate on Deaths in Police Custody

WASHINGTON –67 national and local criminal justice, civil rights, human rights, faith-based, immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ, and open government organizations urged the Department of Justice (DOJ) to strengthen its proposed rule outlining the process for police departments to collect and report data about people who die while in police custody. Continue reading

Shots fired at Pembina border crossing

One man was hospitalized after a shooting at the Pembina, N.D., border crossing early Saturday morning. A spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the incident took place on the U.S. side of the border around 2 a.m. Border agents were alerted to a vehicle with a "suspicious" occupant travelling south from the border. Two agents attempted to stop the suspect but the driver allegedly rammed his vehicle into a border patrol vehicle. Continue reading

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