Border Communities: Incoming U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Must Commit to Advancing Accountability & Transparency Agenda

Roughly two-thirds of the U.S. population live within the 100-mile border zone where interactions with U.S. Border Patrol agents have become commonplace during commutes to work, school or to run errands. Similarly, enormous numbers of tourists and border residents cross ports of entry every day from Detroit, Michigan to El Paso, Texas. Continue reading

McAleenan Should Not Get a Free Pass for Top CBP Post

Kevin McAleenan, the acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) commissioner, will have a Senate hearing this Thursday where he hopes to be one step closer from removing the word “acting" from his job title.  Continue reading

New Report Exposes Inadequacies of Customs and Border Protection Complaint and Oversight

The Kino Border Initiative, a member of the Southern Border Communities Coalition, and the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the U.S., the organization that represents the Jesuits, the largest religious order of priests and brothers in the Catholic Church, released a report shedding light on inadequacies within the Customs and Border Protection's (CBP) complaint and oversight system when it comes to investigating allegations of abuse. Continue reading

How effective is border security?

  By Alex Nowrasteh and Patrick Eddington Border security is a major issue this election cycle. Republican Presidential candidates Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are all calling for a border wall and vast increases in Border Patrol to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. The truth is, over the past 15 years, we’ve dramatically increased border enforcement. And instead of needing more, we may be going too far already. Continue reading

Gov. Robert Bentley orders Alabama National Guard to Arizona to help guard U.S./Mexico border

  By Leada Gore A small contingent from the Alabama National Guard has been ordered to Arizona to help protect the U.S. border with Mexico, Gov. Robert Bentley's office announced Tuesday. A UH-72 helicopter and three pilots from Alabama will be serving in Marana, Arizona. The move comes at the request of the National Guard Bureau, Bentley's office said. Continue reading

San Diego Named 6th Best City For Coffee Fanatics

  By Kristina Bravo Seattle may still be king when it comes to coffee, but San Diego isn't too far behind in the latest ranking of the best cities for java fanatics. Continue reading

SBCC Opposes Legislative Attacks On Immigrant Communities

We are proud to announce that the Southern Border Communities Coalition along with over 400 organizations signed a letter urging members of the House of Representatives to oppose the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, H.R. 3003 and Kate’s Law, H.R. 3004. Continue reading

Why lowering hiring standards for border agents erodes trust, puts public safety at risk

As Congress considers whether to add more federal border agents and contemplates lowering hiring standards to do so, I offer my perspective as a career law enforcement officer and police chief. Integrity is central to policing. If you forsake it for expediency, you undermine public safety and public trust.   Continue reading

Stop Congress from Watering Down CBP Hiring Standards

Congress wants to water down CBP hiring standards through polygraph loopholes, which is dangerous and risks employing CBP officers and agents who jeopardize national security and public safety. Call your Congressmember to stop this from happening.     Continue reading

Protesters confront Border Patrol agents at Las Cruces headquarters

A group of 150 people from various organizations in Las Cruces and Albuquerque came together to protest immigration policies, the actions of Border Patrol agents, and the increased funding for militarizing the U.S./Mexico border at the Las Cruces Border Patrol headquarters. Continue reading

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