Why I Joined The Caravan Against Fear

By Jesus Daniel Mendez Carbajal My name is Jesus Daniel Mendez Carbajal. I was born in Guerrero, Mexico, I am 24 years old and I am a DACA recipient. I am one of several Human Rights Organizers with Alliance San Diego, and I decided to join the Caravan Against Fear as it makes its way through the Southern Border of the United States. Continue reading

"If I'm talking to you right now" - Trump's Budget

Trump’s plan to spend billions on a border wall, thousands of new ICE agents, more detention centers, and tougher prosecutions will not make our communities safer. It will instill fear in and cause harm to families.  We teamed up with the National Immigration Law Center to create this video about the potential impact of Trump’s budget. Check it out to learn how you can help stop this budget. Continue reading

Southern Arizona Statement on Community Security

In response to the Border Security Expo, Southern Arizona border groups released the following statement. Continue reading

Jog near border fence ends with dueling lawsuits between former Navy SEAL, Border Patrol agent

By Kristina Davis On an August afternoon in 2014, Alton Jones decided to leave his wife and 6-year-old son behind to play on the sand at Border Field State Park to go for a quick jog near the fence dividing the U.S. and Mexico. Continue reading

Discussion on Border Wall with D.C. & Local Leaders

A group of local leader just returned from Washington D.C. having discussions with lawmakers on the local border wall.  Find out more about the meetings as National City Chief Manuel Rodriguez shares the discussions and their awareness of being a border town. Continue reading

Embattled Borderlands

  How would a border wall affect wildlife in the southern border region? Continue reading

Border Patrol shoots man at Las Cruces checkpoint

    U.S. Border Patrol agents shot a man after he opened fire at agents Sunday night at a Las Cruces Immigration Checkpoint on Interstate-25. Continue reading

When The Border Is Just Next-Door, Crossing It Is A Fact Of (Daily) Life

Heard on Morning Edition   Depending on where you sit, the US-Mexico border is: a.) a dangerous frontier that allows drug traffickers and illegal immigrants to cross freely into the U.S. or b.) a familiar frontier that's navigated as a regular part of everyday life. Continue reading

This man has tried crossing the U.S.-Mexico border 5 times. He says he won’t try again

By Joshua Barajas As part of a reporting trip, the PBS NewsHour’s Joshua Barajas visited a soup kitchen for recently deported migrants in Mexico that’s a stone’s throw from the Mariposa port of entry in Nogales, Arizona. There, he met a 37-year-old husband and father who, days earlier, tried to cross the border into the U.S. He was not successful. Continue reading

How increased security affects life for border residents

In a sleepy, no-stoplight town 25 miles from the Arizona-Mexico border, you'll pass surveillance towers, border agents on patrol and checkpoints. This is life along the border, where security has been ramped up significantly since 9/11, sweeping up American citizens in its wake.   Continue reading

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