In this New Mexico town, you can see where Pancho Villa turned history on its head

  By: Catherine Watson COLUMBUS, N.M. — As you drive into this dusty little village just three miles north of the Mexican border, you wouldn’t guess that a bloody event here would have affected a world war and kept the town’s name in the history books for more than a hundred years. Continue reading

Mexican shoppers surge across the border for lower prices in US

  By Molly Bilker NOGALES, MEXICO — The pedestrian crossing line into the United States winds out of the port of entry building and into the city on an early weekday afternoon. As those waiting mingle in line, others return to Mexico coming the other way, arms heavy with shopping bags. Continue reading

Border Patrol’s campus visit causes controversy

  By Alex Birnel  “They mentioned gathering up illegals at UTSA and sending them off in a van,” says senior Anthropology major Viktoria Zerda. “They said it in a joking manner.” Continue reading

Former congressman: Border Patrol Union endorsement of Trump could hurt border security

  By Tomas  Hoppaough A former congressman says the National Border Patrol Council's endorsement of presidential candidate Donald Trump could hurt border security. Continue reading

San Ysidro Residents Brace for a Busier Border

  By H.G. Reza Hemmed in by three freeways and backed up against the border and port of entry, San Ysidro residents are exposed to an unceasing stream of air pollution from millions of vehicles passing through the community that is the busiest gateway to Mexico. Continue reading

Border Patrol releases statistics on fatal border crossings

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - More people are dying in their attempts to cross the border illegally reports the Laredo sector Border Patrol. It's part of the statistics they released on Friday, which also shows one drug's rise in apprehensions. Continue reading

Americans with no passport at border face fines

  EL PASO - U.S. citizens returning to the country without a passport could soon face fines. Continue reading

One Agency Congress Actually Wants to Hire More People Is Failing in That Task

  By Eric Katz Lawmakers chided Customs and Border Protection officials at a congressional hearing Tuesday, saying the agency has failed to boost its staffing levels despite a specific mandate from Congress to do so. Continue reading

Border road trip reveals desire for change

  By Cali Nash One day, three cities, five people. The trip from Douglas to Naco to Nogales is a classic look into the American Southwest. Continue reading

Border Patrol pledges quicker disclosure of use-of-force incidents

  By Perla Trevizo U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner The largest law enforcement agency in the country has made progress in sharing information after use-of-force incidents but there’s still work to be done, the head of Customs and Border Protection said. Continue reading

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