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_We issued a statement this week to push back against a delay of the Dream Act.

_Our Real Dream Campaign is in full swing. Click here to see photos of our recent trip to DC.

_Several faith leaders held a protest on Wednesday in DC, urging Congress to pass a Clean Dream Act; some were arrested, including one from Tucson, AZ.

_On Thursday, Nov. 9, support the Dreamer National Day of Action by making calls to Congress and saying something like this.

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_This is how dirty it got. Several Republican Senators met with President Trump yesterday to discuss the future of immigrant youth, and they seemingly agreed to Trump’s demand that the upcoming spending bill not include a DACA fix.Part of this conversation was addressing a strategy espoused by some that a tactic to get the Dream Act passed was to attach it to the spending bill.

_The déjà vu dirt devil. Unfortunately, this conversation has set Democrats (Ds) and some Republicans (Rs) thinking about how they can ensure a Dream Act passes by the end of the year. So where are they turning for a bargaining chip? You guessed it. They are again wanting to lump border enforcement into a Dream Act because they think this will make it palatable to all sides. Why is it that Ds can stand strong against interior enforcement (i.e., ICE), but get all squishy on border enforcement? In our communities, Border Patrol is ICE in green uniform and our loved ones can be deported in a matter of hours. We don’t need to spend another cent on Border Patrol enforcement to support Trump’s deportation force.

_Get grounded and pass a clean Dream Act now! Every day that passes without a fix means more of our young immigrants face deportation. Congress needs to fix this problem created by Trump and pass a Clean Dream Act now that holds the line on border enforcement. In case you’re wondering if any Rs support the Dream Act (69 percent support Dreamers), here’s a clip of Florida Republican Representative Ileana Ros-Letinen calling for a Dream Act.  The majority of Americans want a Dream Act; Congress has an opportunity to do a good thing now.

_Rosa is a Rosa by any other name. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, the sinister way Border Patrol treated 10-year-old Rosa Maria Hernandez contradicts our most core values of fairness and justice. So, we issued a release about it to note the increasing trend of Border Patrol agents acting as Trump’s deportation force. Rosa Maria’s case sparked national outrage from 174 organizations, the media, congressional members, including California Sen. Feinstein who called for a congressional hearing, and an ACLU lawsuit. Join the call for her to be immediately released to her family. 

_Just cuz you’re the minority, doesn’t mean you’re on vacation. We hope Democratic senators of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HGSAC) show up and ask the hard questions at a hearing next Wednesday, Nov. 8 for the nomination of Kirstjen M. Nielsen to Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and that it doesn’t turn into another kumbaya, rubber-stamp hearing like the one for Kevin McAleenan for U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner.

Media_lines. A news story about how Haitians in Nogales, Sonora, are unable to get work permits there while they can in other Mexican border towns, like Tijuana, quotes Joanna Williams,  director of education and advocacy at the Kino Border Initiative (and member of SBCC’s steering committee), “There is no convincing explanation that we have heard from the Mexican government as to why applications were granted in Baja California but denied in Sonora, since theoretically the criteria should be the same,” she says.


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