Trust? What’s that?

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_Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC) ambassador and former Border Patrol agent Jenn Budd shares why humanitarian aid volunteer Scott Warren should have never been charged with a crime as he is retried for providing food, clothes and water to migrants in Arizona.

_On the 25th anniversary of California’s notorious Prop 187_which would have denied medical care and public education to people living in California without work authorization had it not been blocked by the courts_SBCC steering committee member Pedro Rios of American Friends Service Committee noted its ironic outcome.

_Gross: not sure how else to qualify the administration’s clearly misguided idea to ask children to build a fake border wall during last week’s Halloween’s celebrations at the White House. 

_This article clearly illustrates the expansive CBP “Big Brother” soon to be watching in a neighborhood near you.

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_Trust? What’s that? The real crisis at the border turns out to be about how voters in California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico neither trust Trump’s border policies nor Border Patrol’s ability to keep families in our communities safe. This new poll of registered voters across the four southern border states reveals a profound “crisis of confidence” in Trump’s administration and also reveals that voters want a new, more humane model of border governance. The poll asked 2,750 voters about whether they approve or disapprove of the administration’s border and immigration policies, how much they trust border agents, how we should treat asylum-seekers, and whether we should provide aid to those in distress, among other things. The poll was developed and implemented by Dr. Tom Wong of the U.S. Immigration Policy Center (USIPC) at the University of California at San Diego. Click here to read the entire report. Spoiler alert. Among key findings were that the majority of voters surveyed: (1) disapprove of how President Trump is handling issues at the border, (2) don’t trust Border Patrol to keep their families safe or that Border Patrol agents will be held accountable when they commit abuse; and (3) want more humane policies that would allow asylum seekers to wait in the United States while their cases are pending. The survey is a direct repudiation of Trump’s cruel and inhumane policies like the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) that force asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico. Candidates running for office in 2020 should pay attention!

_Approps merry-go-round. Grab a bag of popcorn ‘cuz, next week, Congress will again immerse itself in budget negotiations for Fiscal Year 2020 government spending, including DHS funding. The current continuing resolution that keeps government spending at the Fiscal Year 2019 levels is due to expire Nov. 21, and we’re likely looking at another continuing resolution. And, yes, you guessed it, the main stickler in the negotiations is again construction dollars for more harmful miles of border wall. We don’t get it, not only is the wall detrimental to our communities, endangers wildlife, and precious water resources, Trump’s newer wall is being sawed through by smugglers. This is not a good use of our taxpayer dollars! We’re taking a delegation to DC next week to make this message loud and clear. Wish us luck in finding sensible ears.

_Justice Delayed. Next Tuesday, Nov. 12, SCOTUS will listen to arguments in the case of Sergio Adrián Hernández Güereca, who lost his young life after a Border Patrol agent on the U.S. side in El Paso took a shot and instantly killed him while he was standing in Mexico. We filed an amicus brief on this case. Family members of Sergio Adrian and Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez_who was another teenager shot by a Border Patrol agent in the back at least 10 times while he was standing in Nogales, Mexico, will be in Washington, DC, during the arguments and hope to raise awareness on the need for justice and accountability in these cross-border shootings. Just because the bullets landed in Mexico doesn’t mean these agents can’t be held accountable. If you’re in DC and want to learn more, Justice for Muslims Collective and the Justice for Antonio Collective will be hosting a reception, starting at 5 p.m. on Nov. 12, with the Güereca and Rodríguez families, followed by a panel where they will share their stories and quest for justice. For more information and to RSVP, please click here.

_DC Dreaming. A million things will be happening in DC next week and not the least of which will be that SCOTUS will be hearing arguments on DACA on Nov. 12. Read the stories of people who will be affected by the ruling_which we don’t expect until next year_and consider joining the rally in DC on the steps of SCOTUS or any of the rallies/walkouts happening throughout the country. One out of five DACA recipients live in our beloved borderlands. Now is the time to show up and say #HomeIsHere.


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