Law Enforcement Experts Confirm No Control Over Border Patrol



DHS advisory panel finds systemic failures in CBP

Washington D.C./Border Region - Today, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Integrity Advisory Panel released a scornful series of recommendations that CBP must implement in order to address systemic failures in disciplining abusive or corrupt CBP agents and officers.

"This leaves CBP vulnerable to a corruption scandal that could potentially threaten the security of our nation," the Homeland Security Advisory Council wrote in its final report.

The report also noted that, "CBP has not been noted for its transparency when it comes to use of force incidents... it has never developed a truly CBP-wide process for receiving, tracking, and responding to public complaints.  It's disciplinary process takes far too long to be an effective deterrent."

Speaking on behalf of the Southern Border Communities Coalition, Director Christian Ramirez issued this statement:

The Homeland Security Advisory Council and the CBP Integrity Advisory Panel's latest investigation into CBP continues to sound the alarm regarding systemic failures in oversight and accountability at CBP. Border communities are all too familiar with the agency's silence to complaints of abuse of power and failure to transparently investigate excessive use of force. 

We urge the Obama Administration to immediately instruct DHS to adopt these clear solutions for ending over a decade of abusive and criminal practices by the largest police force in the United States. The time is now for CBP Commissioner Kerlikowske to act on these recommendations without delay and hold itself accountable to police best practices.

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