Irving Hernandez

San Diego, CA

1. How has DACA helped you?

It allowed me to work and pay for the cost of my University. In May of 2017, I graduated as an Aerospace Engineering from San Diego State University. DACA allowed me to safely travel from home to school to work through the ability of obtaining a driver license.

2. What is the Real Dream for you?

The Real Dream for me is to allow all families to remain together, without a wall between them. To allow those, us, to fully contribute this country - a home we learned to love and respect. To allow those who saw the beacon of freedom emitting from the U.S., put their lives in harms way to escape the hell in their own country, obtain liberation from persecution

3. Why is it a bad idea for Congress to increase border militarization in exchange for the safety of your support system, family, friends and community members?

The theatrics of militarizing the border provides no substantial growth in communities or the economy. It hinders growth in border cities and causes unneeded tension. It further fuels xenophobic ideas and attacks against our loved ones.

4. What are some of the difficulties you face as a Dreamer living in the Southern Border Region

I’m currently working an internship by Otay Mesa, a place festered with agents, and it is hard not to feel uneasy. I often fear not being able to come home or not have my parents come home.

5. Why are Dreamers important to the fabric of this country?

Beyond our positive impact to the economy, we carry the will and essence that this country was built on. We add to the growth of our communities and our education system. Through our struggles and accomplishments, we validate that the “American Dream” is still alive and breathing.


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