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_SBCC co-chair Andrea Guerrero of Alliance San Diego talks about the impact of blocking families seeking protection at the border.

_ The AP released this powerful (and hard to watch) video of the actual families with children trying to make their way to our borders in search of safety from dangerous, life-threatening situations in Central America.

_ ICE began speeding up the release of migrant families, and Lilian Serrano, SBCC member and chair of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, affirms the character of our nation is to welcome them, not to turn them away.


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_Fear not. Even before he came to office, Trump made a living stoking fear for political gain. Fear of immigrants. Fear of Muslims. Fear of people of color. Fear of anybody who is different than he is. He has consistently appealed to people’s worst instincts to justify his policies of hate and his out-of-control, hyper-militarization of the southern border. Just days before the election, he released this racist ad to try to play into white fear of immigrants. Well, every story needs a hero, and this election, that hero is us. This Tuesday, November 6, let’s show the nation that we stand with hope, not fear; that we are stronger when we vote our values of human dignity, compassion and respect.

_All for because of a wall. Trump’s Hydra of hate has reared another one of its ugly heads this week, this time in the form of a speech filled with snake-like misinformation and undertones of racism and violence, and for what? To stoke fear before the midterm elections and to justify building his vanity wall. This is what we had to say about that. With the appropriations fight looming and DHS set to run out of money on December 7, threatening to partially shut down the government, Trump is preparing for a fight to fund his vanity wall. Fortunately, there are modern-day Davids standing up to Trump’s Goliath force of fear and hate at the border, from a bold move by churches in Brownsville, TX, to oppose construction of the wall on its property, to the chiming of voices from regular people like you. Want to add your voice to the many who know #wallsdontwork? Stand with southern border communities, and sign this petition telling Trump NO WALL FOR YOU!

_Yearning to breathe free. Federal officials began mass releasing families with children from detention across the southern border in recent days, in some cases leaving many of them on the streets with little to no resources to help them get to their destinations. Fortunately, southern border communities from San Diego to Brownsville have mobilized to help these families by offering shelter, food, water and travel assistance to get them off the streets. Like the New Colossus herself, the Statue of Liberty, the southern border communities embody the nation’s values and spirit. We welcome the tired, the hungry, the poor, and we treat them with the dignity, compassion, and fairness. This is how you treat people who ask for help.

_Vote your hopes. We are a few days away from Nov. 6. It’s time to decide whether we are going to vote out hate, discrimination and xenophobia or vote in compassion, dignity, and benevolence. Up to you. #RevitalizeNotMilitarize our communities.


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