Day of the Disappeared

On the International Day of the Disappeared — observed on Friday, August 30th, 2019 — the Southern Border Communities Coalition and Colibrí Center for Human Rights have partnered to remember the lives lost on the southern border due to decades of harmful militarization and enforcement-only policies. In communities across the borderlands and beyond, we are organizing a national day of action and vigils to demand justice for disappeared migrants and their families. But we can't do this alone.

On Friday, August 30, we are asking people across the nation to do two things— participate in a National Day of Action, and host or attend a vigil. Then, check out the family stories of people who’ve lost loved ones to border militarization, and read about how our borders became militarized on the Operation Gatekeeper page.

As communities along the southern border and beyond remember those lost on this Day of the Disappeared, we look forward towards A New Border Vision, one which expands public safety, upholds human rights, and welcomes everyone to our region in a safe, humane and efficient way.


Join us in a National Day of Action

Help us uplift the lives lost to border militarization, and let people know about the devastating impact enforcement-only policies like Operation Gatekeeper, which turbocharged the hyper militarization of the southern border in 1994. Inside, you’ll find Tweets, graphics and more that you can share to help uplift this important day. 

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Host or attend a vigil

Join the Colibrí Center for Human Rights and the Southern Border Communities Coalition to host or attend a vigil to remember and demand justice for the thousands of people lost on the border. To host or attend a vigil in your community, fill out the form, linked below. We will provide you with the information you need to join your community together in remembrance of all those lost on the border and to motivate your community to act.

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Family Stories

Read the stories of families who have lost loved ones in the southern border, and how they continue to honor their memory by advocating for policies that prioritize human rights in border governance, and provide immediate aid, rescue and recovery to those in need.


Operation Gatekeeper 25th Anniversary

October 1, 2019 will be the 25th anniversary of Operation Gatekeeper. Even though it began many years ago, its deadly effects continue to be felt today. Operation Gatekeeper’s myopic and harsh enforcement-only policies changed migration flows eastward, to more dangerous, deadly terrain. Learn more about Operation Gatekeeper, and its devastating effects on the southern border region.

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New Border Vision 

The southern border region is a place of hope, opportunity, and welcome, but for decades, dangerous and deadly enforcement-only policies have have cast aside human rights, criminalized migrants and engaged in deadly and unaccountable border enforcement, undermining public safety for all. To this, we say ‘No more.’ It’s time for a New Border Vision that expands public safety, protects human rights, and welcomes people at our borders in a manner consistent with our national values and global best practices. Read more about a New Border Vision below.

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