Christian Duarte

Mcallen, TX

1. How has DACA helped you?

Not only has DACA has provided me emotional support as a young immigrant, DACA has allowed me to have a part time job while attending college and has afforded me internship and and research opportunities in my field of study. I have been able to expand and apply knowledge outside of the classroom controlled setting. I am also able to encourage and help younger students become aware of the internship and research opportunities that are available to them.

2. What is the Real Dream for you?

The Real Dream is achieved once we as the undocumented community are able to work, study, or travel freely without having to constantly worry about our status or that of our families.  

3. Why is it a bad idea for Congress to increase border militarization in exchange for the safety of your support system, family, friends and community members?  

It is unethical to obtain my well being at the expense of people who are in a more vulnerable situation.

4. What are some of the difficulties you face as a Dreamer living in the Southern Border Region?

Prior to DACA, I was unable to leave my border region, as there was a checkpoint at the city of Falfurrias, Texas. This meant that the opportunities for work, education, and leisure for me and fellow undocumented community members were limited.  

5. Why are Dreamers important to the fabric of this country?

Dreamers are an important piece to the country’s economy by providing labor force in multiple industries.  Some of these include providing customer service at retail stores and restaurants. Also, providing support and guidance to future generations as teachers or academics. Aside from being workers, we are also friends and supporters of other community members, who may or may not be undocumented.  We have an impact to those around us.



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