Border Dreamer Toolkit

Border Dreamer Toolkit




Congress needs to pass a bipartisan Dream Act. This bill needs to protect Dreamers from deportation without using their parents and loved ones as bargaining chips for wasteful and unnecessary border militarization.

Young immigrants want to continue to live, study and work in the United States, and earn their citizenship so they can realize their full potential  -- but not at the expense of their parents or loved ones. To continue to militarize the border region in exchange for a Dream Act would be to trade off the safety of young immigrants who live in the border region while exposing their parents or loved ones to Trump’s ruthless deportation machine. This would undermine the young immigrants that need protection and tear them away from the people they love and count on for support.

In this toolkit, you will find ways to help and ensure others like you are pressuring Congress to pass a bipartisan DREAM Act. 

What Can You Do?

Now that you know more about what’s going on, we’ve provided you with some tools you can use to help urge members of Congress to pass a bipartisan Dream Act.

Call Your Congressional Leaders

The louder we are, the harder it is for Congress not to listen to us! Let’s make sure they get the message. Call your congressional leaders and tell them that you want a bipartisan Dream Act that doesn’t put the Original Dreamers -- parents of DACA recipients -- in danger. Use the script below!

Find your legislators and their contact information here.
Use the script below

“Hello! My name is __________ and I live in (city/state). As a constituent of Rep./Sen. ___________,  I want to express my concern for the protection of Dreamers. These young people should not be used as bargaining chips. To further militarize the border region in exchange for a Dream Act would devastate the very families of the young immigrants we are trying to protect. I urge Rep./Sen. ___________ to pass a bipartisan Dream Act that does not further militarize border communities by the end of the year. Thank you!”


Already called and want to make more noise? Share these memes and our video on your social media platforms. 









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