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The U.S. Southern Border region is more than a place to put up a border wall.

The U.S. Southern border region is one of the most diverse, economically vibrant, and safest areas of the country, home to about 15 million people who aspire to enjoy life in a safe and prosperous environment. The Southern Border is a key engine of economic growth; an international trade hub that creates jobs and generates.

Border Manifesto

SBCC’s Border Manifesto is a visual representation of what the southern border region is and what it can be. The borderlands don’t just belong to border communities, it belongs to all of us!

Border Facts

The Trump administration’s skewed image of the borderlands has prompted Congress to funnel more resources into the increased militarization of border communities.  Check out these facts to learn why we need better borders not more border enforcement.

Previous Campaigns

The border quilt was a 3-week long project from border communities in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to express to the nation the need for revitalization and to memorialize the loss due to militarization in the border region.

The Border Reality Checkpoint is a co-launched initiative of the Southern Border Communities Coalition and ACLU of New Mexico Regional Center for Border Rights that aims to raise awareness of how abuse in our nation’s expanding “border zone” threaten civil liberties and impact the quality of life for all of us.

The Dignity Crossing campaign is an initiative of the Southern Border Communities Coalition’s ongoing efforts to revitalize not militarize border communities and aims to inform residents of how to protect their rights, speak up about issues, and join efforts to demand reforms.


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