The Southern Border Communities Coalition responds to the presidential election.


Today, the more than 12 million people living in border communities continue to believe in a nation that is fair and just. Our expectation is that President-elect Trump will lead with these core values and that he will not govern based on the divisive statements he made during his campaign. The Southern Border Communities Coalition remains committed to ensuring the rights and dignity of border residents and those who travel through our region are protected and that our quality of life is preserved. We will continue to advocate for a reform of our country's immigration process to ensure fairness and dignity. We will also resist the unnecessary construction of a border wall and the further militarization of our communities. Preserving the sanctity of life and strengthening our cultural and economic vibrancy as a region will continue to be our top priority.

Over the last few years, we have raised border residents’ concerns about Customs and Border Protection, the largest law-enforcement agency in the nation, advocating for CBP to be held accountable through greater transparency and oversight.The border region is more secure than ever before.  Cross-border trade generates more revenue for our economy and creates more U.S. jobs than ever before. Border communities are a vital, vibrant part of our nation; abandoning the path of putting border residents’ quality of life and economic vitality first would endanger all Americans’ prosperity, rights, and well-being.

The time for campaign rhetoric is over and the time to govern responsibly has begun. We urge the Trump administration and Congress to continue to build on the progress made to implement accountability, transparency, and oversight mechanisms within CBP.  Border communities expect that the Trump administration will consult with us and invest in our families, our students, our infrastructure, our cultural heritage, our quality of life, and our ports-of-entry, all of which strengthen our nation, drive our economy, and uphold our shared values of justice for all.

Border communities stand united and we pledge to continue to uphold our right to live with peace and dignity. Our communities are resilient, we will continue to thrive and strengthen our resolve to revitalize and not militarize the borderlands.


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