RECAP: Dreamer Protections and Border Security: The Good the Bad and the Ugly



January 11, 2018

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RECAP: Dreamer Protections and Border Security: The Good the Bad and the Ugly


SOUTHERN BORDER --  On a call today, experts from across the southern border region discussed what common-sense, responsible and accountable border policy looks like when it comes to negotiations to protect dreamers. They explored why some proposals to increase border enforcement being discussed in Congress are good, some are bad and some are outright harmful to the 15 million people who live in the southern border region.

Christian Ramirez, Director of the Southern Borders Communities Coalition, said the following:

“Trump created this crisis when he ended DACA, and now it is up to Congress and the President to find a solution to protect Dreamers without further militarizing the southern border. We encourage lawmakers to consider border policies that ensure border enforcement measures are driven by data and analysis, not rhetoric and hyperbole, and put measures to strengthen accountability, oversight and transparency of CBP front and center”.

Vicki Gaubeca, Policy Strategist, Southern Border Communities Coalition, said the following:

"Most of the bills that have been introduce are extremist, non-starter bills that contain border enforcement measures that are based on misguided political promises and hyperbole. What we need are common-sense proposals that are based on facts and true threat analyses and that include strong accountability and transparency measures, along with consultation from the more than 15 million people that call the southern borderlands home."

Pedro Rios, director of the American Friends Service Committee’s U.S./Mexico Border Program, said the following:

“Policymakers need to hear that border community members believe strengthening oversight and accountability measures at CBP are of primary concern, that we believe in being responsible stewards of our environment, that our quality of life must be upheld in a dignified way, and that we are an essential component to the economic vitality of this country. We must be consulted on any legislation that intends to affect how we live in our Border communities.”

Astrid Dominguez, Director, ACLU Regional Center for Border Rights

“Our border communities don’t need more security, so it is baffling that some members of Congress are holding the Dreamers hostage for more border enforcement. It’s critical that any border enforcement measures are based on data, not feelings or politics. We need to make sure affected communities are consulted in the development and implementation of any measures and that any impacts on the rights, economic vitality, environment and well-being of border communities are carefully considered and harms mitigated.”

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