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Frontera Filmmakers Showcase at 23rd San Diego Latino Film Festival (March 10-20)


This indispensable showcase celebrates the triumphant cinematic accomplishments of local San Diego / Tijuana filmmakers. The films featured in this showcase have never been more ambitious, artistic, and astounding. It is a distinct privilege to be able to share these films with you.

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Films in this year’s FRONTERA FILMMAKERS SHOWCASE Include:

A Father’s Journey

Dir. David Fernandez, Jr.
(USA / Mexico, 87 min., 2015, English, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama)
3/12 / 11:15 / S10
3/14 / 4:10 / S9

Based on a true story, a tragic accident sends a man on a journey of twists and turns towards a path of forgiveness, love, and healing. Directed by David Fernandez Jr. and filmed on location throughout San Diego, this film explores the complicated relationship between a father and son. Winner of Best Feature Film at the Las Vegas Latino Film festival. Fernandez is known for his roles in recent films like Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. Frontera Filmmakers Showcase.


Dir. José Paredes
(Mexico, 88 min., 2015, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama)
3/11 / 10:30 / S9
3/14 / 6:30 / S2

Amir, an aspiring musician, finds himself drawn to a beautiful singer he meets during a night out with his friends. This attraction complicates his relationship with his current girlfriend, who is expecting his child. As Amir attempts to work out his feelings for his newfound love interest, adulthood forces him to make some challenging choices in this coming-of-age film produced and shot in Tijuana. Frontera Filmmakers Showcase.

Baja Taste

Dir. Roberto Nájera
(Mexico, 60 min., 2015, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
Presented by: Unified Port of San Diego
3/12 / 12:15 / S1
3/19 / 5:00 / S3

Foodies come one, come all! Baja Taste is a delicious journey through the minds and souls of four chefs as they creatively inspire and develop a unique Mexican cuisine that has become a fabulous phenomenon worldwide. ¡Que sabroso! Featuring appearances by chefs and culinary experts: Miguel Ángel Guerrero, Ricardo Bonilla, Oso Campos, Diego Hernández, and Javier Plascencia. Frontera Filmmakers Showcase.

Club Frontera

Dir. Chris Cashman
(USA / Mexico, 100 min., 2016, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
3/14 / 7:00 / S1
3/14 / 8:15 / S10
3/17 / 6:45 / S2
3/20 / 12:15 / S1

Just south of the U.S. border lies Tijuana, a city with a turbulent history of violence and corruption, struggling to develop a collective identity. Can a professional soccer team, Xolos, help Tijuana create a new identity? This riveting documentary follows players, fans, political figures, sports personalities, and enthusiasts from both sides of the border as they share their stories of how the success of the Xolos, is changing Tijuana for the better. Frontera Filmmakers Showcase.

PLUS, don’t miss this SHORT FILM PROGRAM…

Frontera Filmmakers SHORTS

84 MIN., MONDAY, MARCH 14, 6:15PM, S9

Two major metropolitan cities in different countries are just minutes away from each other in the San Diego-Tijuana region. The peculiarity of the situation makes for very diverse and captivating films. These are the best shorts to come out locally the past year.

Big and Strong

Dir. Diego Robles
(USA, 2015, 1 min., English)
A father teaches his son, a picky eater, why he should eat his breakfast.


Dir. Rogelio Sanchez
(Mexico, 2015, 4 min., Spanish w/ English subtitles)
A man, a woman and maybe love at first sight? A short and corny tale about a nobody finding his perfect match.

Que Lejos Estoy (How Far I Am): Picturing Assimilation

Dir. Evan Apodaca
(USA, 2015, 11 min., English)
What happens when one Mexican family assimilates into US culture for three generations? What is kept and what is lost? Filmmaker Evan Apodaca searches for his family identity across the years.


Dir. Omar Yñigo
(Mexico, 2015, 11 min., Spanish w/English subtitles)
Lalo lives in an orphanage and dreams of singing in the church choir. His classmates regularly bully him, but soon everyone will see he has an extraordinary gift that will change his life.

Nighttime Strikes

Dir. Paolo Zuñiga
(USA, 2015, 12 min., English)
Employed by an unseen boss, a young man is thrust into a world where violence is the only choice. He flees to the countryside only to be faced with the same problem: in order to survive, someone has to die.

On The Road To Recovery

Dir. Tita Aime Cardona
(USA, 2015, 8 min., English)

Bighorn Sheep are considered the flagship species of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. However, due to problems with their habitat, disease, and restricted access to water, the population of Bighorn Sheep in Anza-Borrego has been in serious decline over the last 30 years. With careful management, the Bighorn Sheep can make a comeback, good news for other species as well.

The Kitchenistas of National City

Dir. Mary Ann Beyster
(USA, 2015, 24 min., English)

National City has the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in San Diego County and the state of California. The Kitchenistas are out to change that, one healthy dish at a time.


Dir. René Vargas Madrigal
(USA, 2015, 13 min., English)
Herbie and Regina are two young children abandoned under a freeway overpass. As they come to terms with being different, they grow together and learn to cope with the seedy underside of Southern California.

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General Admission – $11.50
Senior/Student/Military – $9.50
Member rate – $8.50

Screenings to take place at AMC Fashion Valley 18 & MACSD’s very-own Digital Gym CINEMA North Park (2921 El Cajon Blvd, SD, CA 92104).

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