Randy Mayer

“In a time when the fabric of our borderland’s community is being torn to shreds by politicians, anti-immigrant activists, and law enforcement, the Southern Border Communities Coalition is weaving together voices of reason, common sense and compassion that can lift up the true reality of our border community which is unity, diversity and wholeness.”  

Deeply influenced by his time studying and living in Latin America, Randy and his family moved to the Borderlands 18 years ago so he could serve as Senior Minister of the Good Shepherd United Church of Christ in Sahuarita, Arizona—35 miles from the US/Mexico border.  When immigration and border issues became concerns in the community, Randy and his congregation stepped forward to help develop many of the humanitarian groups (Humane Borders, No Mas Muertes, and Green Valley Samaritans) that give food water and medical care to migrants in the desert—for no one should be dying in our deserts.  Beyond the border work, Randy has guided the Good Shepherd to be a strong progressive voice as they have created the Sahuarita Food Bank, the Javarita Coffeehouse, a Progressive Theological Lecture Series, English as a Second Language Program, Spanish Language Program, and Common Ground on the Border—a three day cultural event that uses the arts to bridge conversation around the struggles of immigration and border life.  Randy and his wife Norma have two college aged sons, they enjoy the adventure of life together.