Michael Seifert

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“In an era of astonishing opportunity for the development of important communities along our southern border, SBCC offers multiple ways of reminding America of the significance of our people.”

Michael Seifert is the Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network Weaver, a coalition of eight community-based organizations serving more than 100,000 residents on the Texas/Mexico/Gulf Coast border.  During the past eight years, the RGV Equal Voice Network has achieved important policy changes in immigration, housing, access to health care, education and jobs for its clients.

A resident of Brownsville, Texas, Mr. Seifert has worked for 25 years on issues challenging the communities of both sides of the southeast Texas border.  He serves as a community facilitator for Community for Children, an international elective in community pediatrics offered to medical students and residents of all disciplines, and focusing on advocacy for social justice and human rights. As a former priest who worked for many years in Mexico and Brownsville’s Cameron Park colonia, Seifert says he learned two important things: “You need to be a citizen of the community you are working in,” he says. “I also learned that too many times, society assigns undeserved credit to people like priests, doctors and lawyers when they haven’t earned it.”