Juanita Molina


510.316.3971 [email protected]

“The Southern Border Communities Coalition is critical to mitigating the damage caused by the militarization of the US/Mexico border.  Our voices must be heard and we must fight against demonization of our people.” 

Juanita Molina currently serves as the Executive Director for Border Action Network and Humane Borders, which were founded to provide humanitarian aid and advocate for immigrant rights. As director of these organizations, she collaborates with border groups to prevent migrant deaths in the Arizona desert, oversees an initiative that tracks migrant patterns, and directs efforts to provide and maintain water stations in the desert. At Border Action Network, she leads the efforts to monitor the Arizona Legislature as well as measures at the County level that affect human rights.  In the course of her 20-year career as a human-rights activist, Ms. Molina has specialized in program development and implementation on behalf of marginalized groups that are not served by traditional means; she has advocated for the rights of immigrant and LGBTQ communities and has provided services for HIV-affected clients and victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Currently, as a member of the steering committee for the Southern Border Communities Coalition, Ms. Molina serves as one of two Arizona representatives who advocate for the rights of immigrants in southern Arizona. By emphasizing the humanitarian approach to the issue of undocumented immigrants and confronting the injustices and misinformation that jeopardize the dignity and the lives of this population, Ms. Molina continues to combat the stereotypes that perpetuate inequality, violence, and poverty in our society.