ChaKiara Tucker

“SBCC’s presence is absolutely necessary to negate the pejorative framework that has been projected by CBP and conservative media outlets. Our region is not a war zone, it is filled with families and communities of professionals, business owners, and laborers. Mainstream media continues to misrepresent our region and we are going to change that.”


ChaKiara Tucker serves as the Communications Coordinator of Alliance San Diego, a community empowerment organization that builds coalitions to promote justice and social change.

During her years as an undergraduate communications student in North Florida, ChaKiara was active in social justice efforts to fight for the equality of blacks. After George Zimmerman received a non-guilty verdict in the slaying of black teenager, Trayvon Martin, ChaKiara recognized the need of her presence in the movement to generate change for her community and assisted in the organization of a march that garnered national media coverage.

Not only has ChaKiara served as the Media Relations Representative and Legislative Aide for Senator Audrey Gibson, she was also the communications assistant at AARP Florida. In both capacities, she garnered national media coverage to further advocate for policy and legislative change.


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