Border Dreamer Delegation Heads to Washington DC To Ask for Clean, Bipartisan Dream Act


Southern Border Region/ Washington D.C. Border Dreamers and advocates are organizing against Congress' attempts to use them as bargaining chips. Today, Border Dreamers will hold a telephonic news conference to announce The Real Dream campaign, which includes a delegation of Border Dreamers traveling to Washington D.C. to urge members of Congress to pass a clean and bipartisan Dream Act without further militarizing border communities by the end of the year.

Time is running out for the millions of young immigrants who are American in all but paperwork. President Trump created this crisis by ending DACA, and now it's up to Congress to resolve it. We need more than expressions of support for Dreamers; we need Congress to step up and pass a clean and bipartisan Dream Act now.
Call-in Information:
Dial in: 712.770.8064
Conference Code: 399062
What: Media teleconference re: Border Dreamers take on Capitol
When: Today, October 20, 10:00 AM PST
Who: Itzel Guillen, Border Dreamer and Immigration Integration Manager at Alliance San Diego 
Carlos Corral, Border Dreamer and volunteer firefighter
Allyson Duarte, Border Dreamer and student
Nayeli Saenz, Border Dreamer and member of the Border Network for Human Rights
Adrian Reyna, Border Dreamer and Director of Membership with United We Dream
The Real Dream campaign features: 
To schedule one on one interviews after the briefing, reporters can contact ChaKiara Tucker at 404.630.9677 or [email protected].


Itzel Guillen, Border Dreamer and Immigration Integration Manager at Alliance San Diego from San Diego, California, shared the following statement:

"For many of us, especially those who live in the border region, the real dream is not just about protection so that we can reach our potential, but about protecting the original Dreamers -- our parents and loved ones -- by passing humane immigration policies. Backroom deals that protect us at the expense of our parents and loved ones go against the Real Dream and must be stopped. That's why we are asking Congress to pass a clean and bipartisan Dream Act without further militarizing border communities that would further devastate our families and destroy lives."

Carlos Corral, Border Dreamer and volunteer firefighter from Chaparral, New Mexico, shared the following statement:

"Growing up in the southern border region, I was raised to evade Border Patrol at all cost. This agency has an abundance of power and my family and I are well aware that even a brief interaction with them could disrupt our entire lives. Border Patrol has made it uncomfortable for my family and me to live in the very community that we call home. For eight years, I was unable to see my father because of a checkpoint. Anyone that lives within 100 miles of the border knows that our communities are already militarized. We are in constant fear and the last thing we need are more agents in our backyards. I urge Congress members to pass a clean and bipartisan Dream Act that not only protects me as Dreamer but doesn't put my family in danger by increasing militarization."
Allyson Duarte, Border Dreamer and student from McAllen, Texas, shared the following statement: 
"I am almost certain that no Dreamer would ever consider exchanging protection from deportation and access to opportunities in the United States for the well-being and stability of their parents and community members. It is morally wrong for the administration to force us to exchange these benefits for the lives of those who have sacrificed to provide care and meet our livelihood needs throughout our lives."
Nayeli Saenz, a Border Dreamer and member of Border Network for Human Rights from Las Cruces, New Mexico, shared the following statement:
"Next week, I'm going with a group of 50 dreamers from west Texas and southern New Mexico to give Congress a kick in the pants to pass a clean Dream Act, now! We cannot let racists and fear-mongers derail this effort. Because of the heartless and artificial deadline President Trump put in place, too many of my fellow Dreamers are at risk of deportation.  Too many families, like my own, risk being separated. Only quick action by Congress to pass the DREAM Act can prevent this. The public supports the DREAM Act. Members of both parties support the DREAM Act.  Now, Congress needs to pass the DREAM Act before the year is over!"
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