Steller: Border Patrol union embraces hard-line politics


People have put up anti-Border Patrol signs in Southern Arizona before, bashing the agency or telling agents not to trespass.

But a new sign, along the highway in St. David, is the first I’ve heard of that targets the agents’ union, the National Border Patrol Council.

“BORDER PATROL” the sign shouts at the top.


“Shooting Unarmed Children Advances The Mission?”

“These KILLERS Protected by Their Union”

Some might consider the over-the-top banner a danger sign for the union that represents about 3,500 agents in Southern Arizona and about 16,000 nationwide. Who wants to have such angry enemies? But another way to look at it is this: The union is forcing people to reckon with it, even if it’s done so by embracing rhetoric and allies that turn off a swath of the public.

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Author: Chakiara Tucker

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