Oversight, Accountability and Transparency of Border Patrol


What's the problem?

For years, the Border Patrol has operated with little or no oversight, accountability or transparency, leading to abuses and death across our nation’s borders. Under the Trump Administration, the Border Patrol is set to get thousands of additional agents and even more resources and military grade weapons. Coupled with the extraordinary powers its officers enjoy and a deeply ingrained culture of violence, the Border Patrol is out of control and operates with impunity.

What's the solution?

The Border Patrol should not be held to a different policing standard than local law enforcement agencies. In fact, the Border Patrol should set the gold standard for 21st century policing practices. Border residents value the sanctity of life and will continue to demand that Congress implement transparent policy and oversight mechanisms to address the agency’s culture of impunity.

What can you do to help?

Contact your state and federal legislators and demand that they control Border Patrol. You can also sign up for the monthly Southern Border Communities Coalition newsletter to stay current with border-related information.



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