Border Security


What's the problem?

The Trump Administration has painted a skewed image of the borderlands, citing unsafe and  chaotic conditions to justify expanding border wall construction. This false narrative of the border is divisive and has previously moved congress to increase resources for border regions, which further militarizes border communities. Policies that increase border enforcement and militarize our communities are misguided and out of sync with the realities of the border. Additionally, empowering Border Patrol with even more resources will only lead to more abuses, further widening the gap of mistrust between communities and law enforcement.

What's the solution?

The borderlands do not need additional border enforcement. Walls already exists. Our region needs policies that revitalize our communities, not militarize them. We need investments in roads, schools, and infrastructure that benefit families that work hard and contribute to the growth and character of our country. While border residents believe in security, it cannot come at the expense of our dignity and human rights.

What can you do to help?

Contact your state and federal legislators and demand that additional resources for the southern border region are used to improve the quality of life for border communities.  You can also sign up for the monthly Southern Border Communities Coalition newsletter to stay current with border-related information.



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